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Owl's Worries Will Not win





About Book...

Meet Owl, the endearing feathered friend we first fell in love with in "We Will Join You", a little owl with a heart full of worries. From dawn till dusk, her mind swirls with "what-if" thoughts that hover like hot-air balloons. What if she wears the wrong clothes? What if she doesn’t have her favorite stuffed animal? What if she is late for school?

One sunny morning, Owl walked to school with a fluttering tummy ache and a weighty heart. She shared her concerns with her friend Panda, who has empathy for those feelings. Panda helps Owl to school where she meets with wise and gentle Koala, the school counselor.

Koala notices Owl's anxious eyes and invites her to share her worries. As Owl calms in the relaxing counseling office, Koala shares the art of tackling worries. She introduces Owl to the "Circle of Control" – a simple yet powerful tool to help differentiate between the things she could change and the things beyond her wingspan. Owl's body eases as she realizes that not every "what-if" has to impact her day.

With Koala's guidance, Owl spread her wings and practiced her newfound wisdom in school. As the days fluttered by, Ollie's confidence soared higher than she had ever imagined using the art of the Circle of Control.

Through friendly illustrations that whisk readers into Owl’s world, "Owl’s Worries Will Not Win" captures the essence of a young owl's struggle with anxiety. As Owl discovers the power of discerning between worries within and beyond her circle of control, children of all ages learn a valuable lesson in navigating anxiety.

Join Owl as she finds her inner strength, learning that while some worries need to be let go, others can be transformed into stepping stones on her path to self-confidence. This heartwarming tale, written by Jayme Branagh and brought to life by the enchanting illustrations of Kateryna Vovnenko, gently guides young readers to stronger emotion management.

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