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From an early age, my passion for reading and writing stories has shaped my journey. One memory stands out from my elementary school days when we celebrated young authors' Day. The thrill of crafting and binding our books brought me so much joy, and to this day, I have my entire collection. In fifth grade, I wrote a story about a young girl and her family's upheaval, but my teacher deemed some of the details "inappropriate" for elementary school. Defiantly, I kept those details intact. As an 11-year-old rebel writer, this experience only fueled my inspiration to continue writing. Throughout my career as a school counselor and child therapist, I have discovered the enduring power of picture books to access emotion. They have become an essential tool in my work. After two decades of serving as an elementary school counselor, I finally transformed my ideas into a manuscript and brought them to life through storyboarding. Working alongside the talented illustrator, Kateryna Vovnenk, my ideas were brought to life. I am devoted to crafting tales that entertain and educate children, providing them with valuable information, guidance, and inspiration.


My experiences as a parent, elementary school counselor, child therapist, and counseling professor, have equipped me with a diverse range of perspectives and expertise. My goal is to offer practical advice, share personal stories, and provide strategies for navigating various challenges that parents, educators, and individuals working with children may encounter. I hope to empower readers to better understand the needs of children, and develop effective communication and problem-solving skills. A few years ago, I decided to incorporate my grandmother's maiden name into my own as a tribute to my remarkable great-grandmother, an artist, and storyteller. Fond memories of painting together and hearing her enchanting tales fill my heart. One tale that always captivated me was the origin story of the squirrel's tail. With the Branagh name as my inspiration, I aspire to honor both my great-grandmother and my heritage.

My work as a counselor, therapist, and professor brings me immense fulfillment. To maintain balance and harmony, I immerse myself in the pages of a captivating book, cherish quality time with my family, and cuddle our beloved pets. Traveling is a passion of mine, as it broadens my horizons and enriches my experiences. I hope to continue exploring various countries and cultures in the future.My biggest fans and unwavering support come from my mother, father, husband, two children, and close friends. They not only encourage me they eagerly share my latest adventures with others. I deeply appreciate their love and support. Lastly, I express heartfelt gratitude to all the students, teachers, therapists, and colleagues I've had the privilege of working with throughout the years. Each one of you has played an integral role in shaping the author I aspire to become.

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