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Anxious Alyx Is Strong



Anxious Alyx Is Strong

A children's story about learning how to embrace anxiety.



will be available soon

About Book...

Alyx is a shy and anxious girl and even the smallest challenges can seem like insurmountable mountains to her. "Anxious Alyx Is Strong" is a story of empowerment, showcasing how bravery can emerge from within, even in the face of anxiety. Young readers will accompany Alyx as she takes on her fears. Alyx shows that being brave isn't about being unafraid; it's about facing your fears, no matter how anxious they may make you feel.

Read how Alyx takes on her fears one step at a time. While others may find it easy to go to school, to speak in front of the class, or make friends, Alyx must use positive self-talk and extraordinary bravery.

Alyx's story teaches children that it's okay to feel scared, anxious, or uncertain. Each page demonstrates how being brave isn’t about being unafraid; it is about facing your fears. With the right mindset and a little encouragement, they can find the strength within themselves to tackle their own fears and insecurities and the power of small victories.

This book is for all kids who might feel anxious about the challenges they encounter, reminding them that they too can be as brave as Alyx when they set their minds to it.

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